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About Action Sport Rental

Real World:

There is a Paradigm Shift going on in the Economic Fabric of this Country. Median Incomes are dropping and prices are going higher and higher for PowerSport Equipment and maintenance cost for that equipment. PowerSport equipment is basically defined here as Jet Ski, Boat, ATV, Motorcycle and Snowmobile.

People have become so diversified in their outdoor PowerSport recreational fun that to be able to enjoy all of the different equipment, it would require a substantial amount of time, money, storage and maintenance of these items. Due to the amount of time, storage area and money required the purchases seems to be a out of balance with our personal resources. Renting your equipment makes it affordable for individual and family fun. Minimize your time, money and storage requirements by renting.

We would like the opportunity to save you money by providing all the PowerSport equipment needed for the various seasons of outdoor recreational fun. We maintain and update our inventory so that you will always be able to enjoy the latest technology in your PowerSport activity.

Our Vision:

Action Rental is a PowerSport rental business. Our goal is to be a PowerSport Rental resource having every kind of Vessel and Vehicle our customers would desire to have. Equipment that is more affordable than owning. It is with your input and support that in the future we be able to provide all the equipment and services that you will enjoy. A store with inventory that will be the latest and greatest in technology and fun. I hope this will encourage your participation in our growth so we can be your one stop shopping center for PowerSport Rentals.


We are located in Tillicum, WA. If you are traveling on I-5 thru Lakewood, which is south of Tacoma, take Exit 122 and turn on Berkeley Street into the City of Tillicum. If you are going South turn right and if north turn left at the end of the ramp on Exit 122. Our equipment is on display next to the Camp Murray entrance in our Lot. The building is clearly identified.


Depending on how fast we grow, we desire a location central to our customer demand. When we develop our customer base large enough to support the expanding of Action Rental this will also help us cut the cost of rental equipment.

Things we plan to offer:

  1. List of the Greatest Places to Snowmobile, ATV, Boat or Cycle to or at.
  2. Updates on conditions for Snowmobiling and Where snow is best.
  3. Group or Bullentin Board Activities on the Web
  4. Snowmobile Tours