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Trail Sleds

This versatile sled is good for trail and hill climbing. You will be glad you picked this one, it is light and easy.

550 Polaris Shift

1-day rental rate $225 a day each unit

2-day weekend rate $200 each unit per day

3-day weekend rate $175 each unit per day

*Two sled minimum.

Trail and Deep Snow Sleds

2010 POLARIS RMK 600 155 TRACK

$225 a day each*

2-day weekend rate $200 each* per day

2013 POLARIS RMK 600 155 TRACK

$250 a day each*

2-day weekend rate $225 each* per day

*Two sled minimum.


M8 Artic Cat 800 153 TRACK

$325 a day each*

2-day weekend rate $275 each* per day

*Two sled minimum.

Important Rental Information

Repair Token

A $500 per unit repair token is required. Token deposits are made through credit or debit card verification for available funds, no charge made, except for repairs. This deposit will be unfroze from your account after 3 business days from the date of your rental take out.

Damage or Repair Token will be processed at Pick up of Rental Unit

What is a Damage or Repair Token?

Damage or Repair Token is a partial guarantee or trust agreement amount used as a medium between Renter and Action Rental per Rental Contract or Agreement


To make reservations, call 253-284-9284 at least 24 hours prior to pick up, between 2:00PM-7:00PM any day. If there is no answer, please leave a message detailed message complete with rental dates and required equiPMent and we'll call you back.

Impulse rentals without a reservation will be subject to a $50 fee.

NO Cancellation & No Refund. Prospective renters are turned away due to standing reservations.

Pick Up and Return Times

Rental pick up is between 5:30PM and 6:30PM. Return time is 6:30PM.

Rental Rates

We provide 2, 3 or 4 place trailers, delivery, helmets, gear and some clothing when needed. Prices will vary based on trail or performance type snowmobile rented and length of rental period. Call and ask us for details and rates.

Special Rates for NON-HOLIDAY Weekday Rental Packages for 2 Days or more are available.

Buddy System rentals only.

This means nobody rides alone. No SINGLE sled rentals.

Why don't we rent 2 Seater Snowmobiles anymore?

Simply put, injuries are more likely to occur on a 2 seater than a single seater snowmobile. There was a chance of more back injuries and these also had a higher rate of turn overs.

Think about it. If the 2 Seater type snowmobile driver hits a bump and doesn't prepare the rear rider for the bump the rear riders back will take the impact of the bump vertically, and that hurts! Up through your tail bone to the top of the head. If the person driving the sled surprises the rear rider by taking a quick turn the sled can and in many cases does turn over, possibly hitting an object causing injury.

Let us hear from you if you think we need to start carrying the 2 seat sleds again.

Special contractor and business packages are available.