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thrive and outgrow African cultural heritage. In its effort to give religion a clear field, it seeks to destroy culture. <> Early African Christianity Regrettably, some scholars of African culture and religion have acquired a persistent habit of assuming that Christianity began in Africa only a couple of centuries ago. �l�|� ���-��O��;�����l0��bo?�G�e��_4=M�Q���=E�O|��`��X�ϟ\��G~҄�A�h�,�yy�G]�%,G��mF��/��-����w� ���F��%��YX��`�Ip��}(���� �n��a~!�����e[��붇X�/K�879� ,y?R�'����d&h���.��� ���d��?Z�KS=��Ԯ��h�8\�%��M{��h��(��5M��=މ�xUeQ�G:3�Sp}��#��-����%���>��Kp�C�3`�zI� *vw�������()ש Introduction seems a bit difficult because the early missionaries destroyed some elements of the African culture in the name of Christianity, for instance title taking and native names. No longer was reference made to African culture, it became barbarism. Shaw 1996, 235) that helps members of traditional society travel the way to an enlightened way of life. 170 C. S. Lewis: Christianity and Culture imaginative literature has not become very much more Christian since the time of St Jerome. There is an urgent need for dialogue between Christianity and African Indigenous Religion (AIR), because the present version of Christianity and the increase in the membership of AIR is alarming. To browse and the wider internet faster and more securely, please take a few seconds to upgrade your browser. Meanwhile, it seems to me that for some Africans both Christianity and African culture are irrelevant to the contemporary challenges that Africans face. The impact of Christianity on the indigenous life 175 5.1 Introductory methodology 175 ... “To be born into African society is to be born into a culture that is intensely and pervasively religious and that means, and requires, participating in the religious beliefs and Section Two provides an introduction to covering issues of religion, culture and tradition, and their impact on women™s ability to access their basic human rights. <>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 9 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S>> . culture and western culture, types of culture and characteristics of culture, causes of culture change and impact of Western culture on traditional African society: problems and prospects. %���� Desertion of “Traditional Culture” A softer version of the pro-modern tendency in African Christianity is the abandonment of “traditional culture.” Here Christianity is viewed as an aide of change, as a bridge (cf. Traditional African cultural practices paved the way for foreign way of doing things as Africans became fully ‘westernised’. Christianity has to address the African holistic/organic view of the world, which is governed by the law of harmony. These are some of the areas where the two religions conflict. By “impact” is meant: “The effect or impression of one thing on another and the power of making a strong, immediate impression” (The Free insensitive approach to African culture and religiosity. Language is one of the most important aspects of a people's identity because it is the most common medium of communication. 4 0 obj L���_��}���mƮ�B�)b���7��h߮;���� uZ4 Q���Ǎ�I,�^ID-�*Rj������" ����x�x>�@��9���l��C��Q�r �[G߃E1H����z:��A����Ůj�3>�Ű���^5T-ՇҥFPDڒ5�|�. The impact of African Pentecostalism on the mainline Reformed Church. In ancient cultures, a wife was the property of her husband. It is indeed part of the culture or the Africans. The historical fact is that Christianity came to Africa before it came to Europe and North America. Crises of Life in African Religion and Christianity already started. <> International Journal of African Society, Cultures and Traditions Vol.5, No.2, pp.13-20, September 2017 Second, there is no culture which is superior to another, meaning that teaching the Christian faith to African people through the medium of Western culture, as many missionaries did on the grounds that traditional African culture was primitive, was a wrong approach, even if the intentions were good. %PDF-1.5 5.4. The encounter between Christianity and African traditional cosmologies I would add to this that African Pentecostal churches were not only “reforming” the mainline churches, but also “restoring” that which was lacking in mainline Protestant churches. Christianity correlates with each of the four Development Targets specified for women empowerment under the third of the Millennium Development Goals … 1. This attitude has continued by some indigenous clerics and religious leaders to the Mugambi INTRODUCTION The term Culture in its widest usage is the totality of a people's way of life. The missionary version of Christianity accepted by Africans can be described as hypocritical I believe that with the advent of Christianity in parts of Africa, there has been a huge change is the amount of superstition. For example, in the film Man, God and Africa, the wedding ceremony at the end of the film is very similar to Christian wedding ceremonies in the US culture. From the above conflicts, we can see that although Christianity has made some impact on Igbo people, it has not totally changed their worldview. African tribal societies are rich in the awareness of a Supreme Being to the extent that no native-born African is unaware of God’s existence (O’Donovan 1996:41). O?�����+����d������Ow����\ކ�e��Oo����H����c��_���o�~ ��� �Q:c �qİ��e���M1��e�h�b�/j|�-�X�yy#�=�g� �����v�n�x�X,o���"\���4�����/�š�I��+{�U40Êf�_�dIJX!�ȉy����2�#i.�7X�i�0�}�zi�*�_Q����k������ۣ({_8�D2��M�"��ፓ0�9��E%���k�ܣ���Rċ�`O"}Ec#����O3�+��l����wP����/��z���[��r�=���]���jP�h!eC6C��i{FK�n���W4 Anderson Allan’s term, the “African Reformation” (Anderson, 2000). Christianity frowns at such practices and warns its members never to partake in them. This study concentrates on exploring the encounter between AR and Christianity The study of African Religion so far Many of the general books on AR give surveys or indications of how it has been treated and presented. I believe you as an African are in many ways more qualified than I to answer this. x��\�s�6�����Qڲ|箮jy���L��d�*{��-Jb�"�$e����~ [email protected] ��6G"�F���@�����w? VII /1975, pp. Google Scholar Nürnberger, K. (1975), ‘The Sotho notion of the Supreme Being under the impact of the Christian Proclamation’, Journal of Religion in Africa , Vol. African literature - African literature - The influence of oral traditions on modern writers: Themes in the literary traditions of contemporary Africa are worked out frequently within the strictures laid down by the imported religions Christianity and Islam and within the struggle between traditional and modern, between rural and newly urban, between genders, and between generations. Women. Christianity is not an exception. The theology of ubuntu and other life-affirming African theologies should be used as liberating tools, not only from the empire but also from the myth that Christianity … Human Rights. It is this work that constitutes the focus for the present discussion. Western culture now is regarded as frontline civilisation. Impact of Culture on Christian Thought in the Second Century and Modern Africa,2 is among the most critical concerns of African theology. They believe different things about life after we die on earth, they believe that different things are and are not God, and they believe different types of people are and are not prophets and priests. . no longer supports Internet Explorer. 174–200. The words “effect”, “power”, “impression” and “influence” are the essence of the term “impact”. Ndeti. In all Shakespeare's works the conception of good really operative -whatever the characters may say-seems to … Papers were solicited on every aspect of life except religion. The second solution goes to the opposite extreme. endobj Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. Held, McGrew, Goldblatt and Perraton (1999), note that “culture is the social construction, articulation and reception of meaning”. Cultural globalization has created unparalleled inequity throughout Africa, affected the … Norman, E. (1981), Christianity in the Southern Hemisphere: The churches in Latin American and South Africa (Oxford: Clarendon). The basis of Christianity in Africa is the same as Christianity in other parts of the world, no matter how much African tradition there is. The University of Ibadan was once in the late '70s the venue for an epoch-making conference on "Women and Development." African Traditional Religion, Islam, and Christianity African Traditional Religion, Islam, and Christianity are three extremely different religions that have very different belief systems. Christianity and the African Cultural Heritage798 J.N.K. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. The new religion which was preached and carried on the wings of culture had its own impact, values and prejudices. endobj The research recommends amongst others that in order to avoid African culture extinction, there is an urgent need for cultural restoration.

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