importance of drainage features in ghana

An explosion at a petrol station, caused by the flooding, killed a further 150. 50 years ago, Ghana became one of the first developing countries to receive development assistance from the United States, and assistance continues. Bediabewu, Buri, Anoni, Sumin, and Ayiasu) constituting the main water bodies. Road drainage design has as its basic objective the reduction and/or elimination of energy generated by flowing water. 4.1).The Volta Delta lies within the Keta Basin, which is one of several fault-controlled sedimentary basins in West Africa (Appeaning Addo et al. History Water is the most important compound ensuring life on Earth. The river first flows south on entering Ghana, turns It is … Continue reading 1. Roads will affect the natural surface and subsurface drainage pattern of a watershed or individual hillslope. Lawn drainage is an issue that homeowners can face in Texas. Ghana is drained by a large number of streams and rivers. All major rivers in Ghana flow into the Gulf of Guinea. Rivers carry water and nutrients to areas all around the earth. Therefore, water must not be allowed to develop sufficient volume or velocity so as to cause excessive wear along ditches, below culverts, or along exposed running surfa… Located in south-eastern Ghana between Longitudes 0° 40′ E and 1° 10′ E and Latitudes 5° 25′ N and 6° 20′ N, the Volta Delta of Ghana covers an area of about 4562 km 2 (Appeaning Addo et al. Habitats. The Volta has been dammed at Akosombo, in the south, as … The river with its tributaries cover about 67% of the total land area of Ghana. These include the Akosombo Dam and Kpong Dam. Support for deep trenches is required in … • Stream definition – User may change minimum drainage area required to form the beginning of a stream – Determines size and number of subwatersheds • Outlets layer – User may input a layer of watershed outlets, used to specify desired outlet locations. Due to soil composition, land grading, and other pertinent factors, drainage systems are often needed to keep lawns and landscaping from becoming over-saturated or flooded. Learn more about the country of Ghana here. 5) They provide plankton and other foods for fishes and other aquatic animals. River Volta takes its source from the Sikasso Plateau in Burkina Faso. Drainage Features • River Volta : It is the largest and longest river in Ghana. Storm Drains 1. Brain drain … Ghanaian politicians marked this important transition by replacing the territory's colonial label with the … Accordant versus discordant drainage patterns. It shares borders with Côte d’Ivoire to the west, Burkina Faso to the north, and Togo to the east. But on roads the presence of water means mainly trouble. Many rare plants and trees grow by rivers. Ghana’s farming systems vary with agro-ecological zones. Examples of some Coastal lagoons are Korle lagoon, Songhor lagoon and Keta lagoon. In July 2015 flooding in Accra killed 25 people. Importance in Transport: Agriculture is the main support for railways and roadways which transport bulk of agricultural produce from farm to the mandies and factories. The most dramatic transitions in natural features and land use occur as one moves north or south across these belts we call bioclimatic regions. Geography . Careful consideration of the soil-type specific to your building site will help to ensure the stability of your foundation and integrity of your house for years to come. The drainage pattern of the area is dendritic, with river Ankobra, Bonsa, Huni and their tributaries (e.g. ARCHITECTURAL ASPECTS IN SCHOOL BUILDING DESIGNS 2.1.1. Outfall Considerations and Features ♦ 5. Introduction ♦ Overview of Urban Drainage Design ♦ Overview of Storm Drain Design 2. return elsewhere. Ghana GeoGraphy, climate and population Ghana is situated on the west coast of Africa with a total area of 238 540 km2. Design Criteria ♦ 4. • The hygiene features include proper water sanitation and drainage system at the school as well as hand washing station • Environmental-friendly features include small trees and plantation in area and in verandah 2. World Facts Index > Ghana > Geography Map of Ghana. Drainage systems also prevent the accumulation of stagnant water, which can encourage mosquitoes to … • Lake Volta: This is however artificial and a large reservoir contained behind the Akosombo dam to control the volume of water. 3) They collect and store excess water, hence minimizing the occurrence of flood. Water bodies are perhaps the easiest way to tell if you’re still on track. A drainage basin is an area of land where all precipitation that falls will drain or flow downhill into a specific stream. Drainage patterns. Today, the United States remains a major trading partner with Ghana, and the two countries often collaborate on various international issues (USAID 2012). The Niger and the Benue Rivers showed on the map are the major rivers of Nigeria. Although considered by gardeners and farmers as beneficial, a drainage system has some disadvantages too. The sea to the South of Ghana is called Gulf of Guinea. They play a very important part in the water cycle, acting as drainage channels for surface water. Ghana GeoGraphy, climate and population Ghana is situated on the west coast of Africa with a total area of 238 540 km2. Efficient drainage system prevents flooding, hence loss of properties and lives and environmental disaster. Guyana’s four main rivers—the Courantyne, Berbice, Demerara, and Essequibo —all flow from the south and empty into the Atlantic along the eastern section of the coast. The review covered: importance of highway drainage system in road construction, requirements of highway drainage system, and effects of bad drainage system on roads. ♦ Deck Drainage 10. It is believed that the techniques used in these fields can be extended to studies in estate management, thereby making cross-fertilization of research ideas across ASAP PLUMBING is a registered Accra-based company that offers quick and professional plumbing services to private residences, corporate firms, construction companies, real estate and facility management companies. The destructive power of flowing water, as stated in Section 3.2.2, increases exponentially as its velocity increases. Outfall Considerations and Features ♦ 5. Ghana’s water resources potential is divided into surface and groundwater sources. There are a number of dams and ponds in Ghana. • Lake Bosomtwe: It is the only natural lake in Ghana. The Minister of Works and Housing, Mr Samuel Atta Akyea, has called for more investment to be made in providing solutions to the current problems confronting the country’s drainage … Ghana, which lies in the center of the West African coast, shares 2,093 km of land borders with the three French-speaking nations of Burkina Faso (548 km) to the north, Côte d'Ivoire (668 km) to the west, and Togo (877 km) to the east. Water bodies are very important and we should therefore take good care of them, Some Common Terms Associated with Drainage Systems, Weather Elements and Measuring Instruments. Design Criteria ♦ 4. Ghana, a beautiful country located in West Africa continent, is bestowed with incredible natural resources such as oil, gold, cocoa, timber, bauxite and more. A lake is a still water body surrounded by land from all sides except a side where it is fed by a river, stream or any other moving body of water. Eg. 4) Water bodies provide home or habitat for aquatic plants and animals. An explosion at a petrol station, caused by the flooding, killed a further 150. The Densu River Basin, location of the important urban centers of Koforidua and Nsawam in … Install a drainage system before laying down sod or creating your garden beds. They play a very important part in the water cycle, acting as drainage channels for surface water. However, in Ghana, there are a few that might also serve as great spots to stop over and relax while you enjoy the view and rejuvenate. The country's rivers drain into primarily three drainage basins. The National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) functions as Guyana’s apex organization dealing with all public matters pertaining to management, improvement, extension and provision of drainage, irrigation and flood control infrastructure and services in declared areas of …

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