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Their explanation is bogus. I was talked into taking in a cat who belonged to a friend of a friend for two weeks, which turned into six weeks. Changes in her litter and food did not help. Is your cat losing fur? When he got well I tried giving him Taste of the Wild again and he immediately started the scratching again bringing back the hot spot. A lot of the times its their diet not being solid enough for the body to naturally push on the glad itself, unless they have some anal glad disease, then don’t touch it, they have been doing it in the wild for ages themselves. OK, switched to Taste of the Wild for my cats and the dog. It was obvious that there was something in the food that caused his scratching all of a sudden so I’m thinking that maybe they changed the ingredients in the food recently causing an allergic reaction. No more chin crusties! Customer feedback concerning the brand is wildly positive, even among those with cats who have allergies. Protein is an extremely important part of your dog's diet. Coats are shiny, eyes are bright and there was no transition period for the first feeding. Chicken meal, peas, sweet potatoes, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols), potato protein, roasted venison, smoked salmon, natural flavor, ocean fish meal, methionine, taurine, choline chloride, dried chicory root, tomatoes, blueberries, raspberries, yucca schidigera extract, Enterococcus faecium, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Saccharomyces cerevesiae fermentation solubles, dried Aspergillus oryzae fermentation extract, vitamin E supplement, niacin, manganese proteinate, copper proteinate, zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, copper sulfate, thiamine mononitrate (vitamin B1), vitamin A supplement, biotin, potassium iodide, calcium pantothenate, riboflavin (vitamin B2), pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), vitamin B12 supplement, manganous oxide, sodium selenite, vitamin D supplement, folic acid. Six months after he started eating this food I began to notice his coat was thicker and slick and shiny. Buyer Beware: Do Not buy this cat food. Web Exclusive. I’ve been feeding my female the Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain formula for around three years. This is a premium stew food from Taste of the Wild, made with roasted venison and salmon. 390g; £1.79 Add to basket. Anyone out there have further information or concerns? Many people come to the store I work at and buy this for their dogs, as well. Balanced minerals, not drugs address this issue. A common question that many pet owners have, is “How much Taste of the Wild Cat food should I feed my cat?”. Its half the cost of the other top rated bags, and I mix this with a more expensive food (I’m currently using Fromm SalmonTunaChovy GF, but TOTW is my medium) and my cats are doing wonderful. Without sufficient protein, cats can develop a wide-range of serious health problems. I also noted a number of posters stated that their cats got a UTI after initial use. One of the brands is the taste of the wild. You may be wondering, “Where can I buy Taste of the Wild Cat Food?”. Their coats are sleeker and shinier and vomiting went from several times day for one of my house cats to hardly ever on this food. Repeated attempts to feed him met with no success. Today at the pet store I explained I need a non allergic food for my cat. (The oldest cat got UTIs years ago so vet had me switch then and fed both cats the same food.) Ut eu lectus vitae ipsum. You should do some research on the causes of UTI. It was the best move I could have ever made. Looking forward to trying it out! The majority of customers report that their cats take an immediate liking to the taste of the food. I started feeding it to one of my cats, who had food allergies. Nutro Cat Food Reviews: Reviews of Their Top Product Lines Cat Food. Buy Taste of the Wild Cat Food from Onlynaturalpet - 15% off and free shipping at OnlyNaturalPet.com. All formulas are entirely grain-free. My own cat Jasper, will steal chunks of lettuce from the bowl. I may have to go more expensive. Taste of the Wilde is just fine as a dry, honestly one of my top choices (and I have done a lot of research including reading every single label of every cat food at Petsmart, which is why I don’t shop there anymore…) This food is not full of poison (rolling my eyes right now at the wacky comments listed here.) We buy both dry and can of the Taste of the Wild. OK — gotta run. I did not have to control the amount he ate while he was losing weight and now that be is a healthier weight he still eats as much as he wants. Their wet foods contain significantly more empty carbohydrate filler than premium lines, and their dry lines … This nutrient profile is far better than most cat foods but it still marginally below what we would consider ideal cat nutrition. Bummer! XD. I bought this cat food for my cat, who was at the time being fed whatever was cheap by her previous owner. My cats currently eat pretty high quality wet and dry foods, Wellness and blue buffalo. I did try the Rocky Mountain formula at one point and even with a slow switch, it gave all 4 of them the runs. Malaysia . It is a high-protein diet for cats. This is the first UTI this cat has ever had. Cat Food Price in Malaysia December 2020. I’ve tried some of the top brands and this brand by far has been the best hit nutritionally healthy for her and edible but tolerable, even if it’s only because her mom loves her so much to make sure she eats what’s good for her rather than what she preferably wants –Costco rotisserie chicken. I know, I have one that has. Hi, So, I bought the Canyon River flavor and thought my two senior male cats would be totally excited. There have been no recalls of this food to date, hearsay is not fact. We may need to change our pet’s diet from time to time, such as including an Omega-3 rich meal for our older dogs to boost heart and brain health, or address a chronic disease such as diabetes. The person at the shelter said he had a sensitive stomach but assured me that once I got him home and on one specific food he would be fine. There are special prescribed formulas for renal insufficiency but if your cat does not like them, as they often do, you may want to try Science Diet.. Their canned formulas are very close to the prescribed cat foods for kidney failure.. She hasn’t thrown up in this week as well. They won’t eat the all salmon formula, even though the regular has salmon in it but the primary ingredient is venison. My guess is your cat is allergic to something in the food. It has all the vitamins he needs to keep him healthy. We went to the expense of having him allergy tested, although we knew it wasn’t a certainty the tests would actually determine his allergies. it. I have my cats on a half wet/half dry formula. Since removing them from the SD, we are all back to “normal”. I feel VERY doubtful about this and am looking to get to the truth. I recently heard that a vet in my area said that TOTW has been known to create UTI issues and in some cases has landed the kitties at the ER. I’d been feeding all my cats TOTW for the past 8 years!! Though Taste of the Wild pet food was originally only offered in dry formulations, the company introduced a line of canned food products in September of 2009. There response was to imply that I was a liar, which I am not! *for Taste of the Wild Dry Cat Food, Rocky Mountain Feline Formula with Roasted Venison and Smoked Salmon, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diamond_Pet_Foods. As difficult as this may be to accept you can’t really go on a vet’s recommendation for food. After two weeks, my eldest cat, at 16 years, died. Nurture Pro Nourish Life Chicken Formula for Kittens & Adults (3 Si... Out Of Stock. So far all my cats like it, but they like the Rocky Mountain Feline Formula. My oldest cat is so picky, she won’t eat anything else…, My cat loves this food. As long as they sell it I will buy it for him. My cat has a gorgeous coat, shiny eyes, and no litterbox mess! And I just brought my cat home from the vet, with an infected bladder that had stones in it! No more. All Pet Supplies, Pet Warehouse, and Gordon’s Feed and Pet all sell TOTW. As for the protein content cats are supposed to have a higher amount of protein in their food. However we were lucky, the tests did help identify his allergies, mostly food related. I have been fighting his weight lose since the holidays…about 3 wks ago he almost died. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Taste of the Wild Feline Formula is a more popular dy cat food , based on its reviews. My kitten was afflicted with soupy, spontaneous diarrhea. They get fruit and veggies from the animales they eat, thats why they eat the stomach first. We also buy the dog food for both of our Boxers. I am sorry. Choline Chloride is found in just about ALL pet foods. Suitable for all breeds and all life stages. I have been feeding my dog TOTW since I got him as a foster, and I just switched my cat over to the canned formula at the recommendation of my vet that a wet food would be better for her. That cat disappeared about a year ago, but our cats have done better on this food than anything else we’ve ever fed so I continue to buy it and feed it daily. A healthy cat is worth the extra cost for properly balanced cat food. Copyright © 2020 JG Pet Supplies 202003081269 (003093195-T). I’m certain it was the food. I would prefer to feed them TOTW but CSFTCLS is $11 cheaper a month. You are always supposed to mix what you were feeding and what you want to feed for at least a week. Since the grains appear to be much of the problem with urinary tract problems, he was on CD2, but it seems Hills Science Diet is about jacking up their prices on a rather regular basis, so I switched him to TOTW. Im not sure the Costco food is a good total source of nutrition for them, so I want to at least get them eating half and half. To me it’s the same, the last batch of Taste of the Wild did not want to eat, I gave him a few grains of the previous batch and ate them immediately, something about the new batch, and grains are lighter than in the previous batch, which would change the ingredients. The magic didn’t happen overnight, it took about 6 weeks but now he is getting to the litter box, and even tries to play with the others. However, in order to keep the price-tag low, some compromises have been made. This company is all out for profit and does not care about our pets. Cat grass plants provide this if the cat food does not. My cat seems to perhaps have the same thing.. She (the vet) told me that the TOTW food is not balanced for a cat’s healthy urinary tract. My cats absolutely love it. You should never get their anal gland expressed. I had a Dane with liver disease and put her on milk thistle and let my vet know I did it. My oldest cat started vomiting foam and then would throw up after eating until finally refusing to eat any of the food. My younger feline daughter only eat cat food and preferably dry. – River, reviewing Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Grain-Free Dry Cat Food “Taste of the Wild salmon flavor is a big hit with my Ragdoll. Though, it is a switch over situation as well from the grain based food they were being fed. Between TOTW, Wellness, other grain free choices and can food. You may be surprised to find that the second meat source does not appear until the fifth ingredient or higher, being outranked by chicken fat. She explains that they only pay vet bills if they find there is ” a manufacturing problem.” We are to assume this excludes sudden death. I’ve only had her on this food for two weeks but already she stopped throwing up, has more energy and her stools smell much less, are darker and firmer. Enter code AF5BUCKS at OnlyNaturalPet.com. She did say he has cataracts which is strange in such a young cat. So I went to my local farm and home store and bought Rocky Mountain Taste of the Wild cat food, My cats love it and clean the bowls in about two to three days. I tried the canned Taste of the Wild as well, but it was mostly liquid which didn’t thrill me at all. We have 12 cats currently (they keep adopting us) and half of them are over the age of 14. Our cat cannot have the grocery store Temptation treats made by Whiskas because of the same problem. However, she was reluctant to eat grain-free products until we brought home Taste of the Wild dry food. She even seems much happier. Wellness CORE Grain-Free Chicken, Turkey & Chicken Meal Dry Cat Food Read Reviews Where To Buy : $3.71/lb: Now Fresh Grain-Free Adult Recipe Dry Cat Food Read Reviews Where To Buy : $4.12/lb: Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Grain-Free Dry Cat Food Read Reviews Where To Buy : … It is also a great supplement for liver support and over all mood and is similar to B. Judging by the comparison data between Taste of the Wild and Acana pet foods, I would go with Taste of the wild pet food because it has equally great quality and amounts of protein, fats and fiber as Taste of the wild, only one recall even as an age-old brand, a good amount of quality flavors despite the fact that it has fewer. I was given a bag of his usual food meow-mix, which went stright in the trash can. I live in Newfoundland and i buy the taste of the wild at my local pet food store , the pet store i go to is locally owned , I used to have my cat on the Chicken soup brand , and found he would throw that up all the time I switched now he never throws up , b ut that may not be a good thing either , because now he wants to eat grass and i think he May now have an intestional problem going on. I tried to switch him over to Wellness Core cat food & he won’t touch it! From reading these reviews it seems it just depends on the cat. The younger one has had on and off loose stools too. Just ask yourself this question? I’ve been feeding TOTW Canyon River dry food to 4 of my cats (I have 7) for a year. Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Recipe Dry Dog Food. Find out What Other Customers Think. Taste of the Wild and Taste of the Wild PREY are high-quality, affordable dog and cat foods with protein sources that are based on your pet’s natural diet. My husband began feeding our cats TOTW, I objected but gave in…I wish I hadn’t. My sire is finally feeling better but the dame is still acting tired. I have feed him the canned taste of the wild and, also tried giving him a sample of a different dry food (similar in “good” ingredients) and he gobbled both right up. Just wish they had more favors in the can food. Read the side of the bag – this is absurdity! Taste of the Wild Dog Food Review. Drive to the vet and spend $600 in tests and medications afterwards. Merlin had issues with his last food even though it was a high priced brand. All their diets are completely grain-free and have nutritional content that gives them all the vitality nature has intended to give them. SALE . Is it okay to feed it this way? Cats have to be monitored more closely beginning around the age your cat is for renal diseases, heart disease, and UTIs, especially males. Taste of the Wild has one of the lowest carb percentages of all the dry foods I checked. Both of these foods come in … I put him on Purina smartblend sensitive stomach (he’d been on Purina formulas his whole life) and in 1 day there was a change. AVOID. The vet. This product cause his urethra tube to close up to the point that he could not go to the bathroom, my vet said that if had not brought him in since i noticed he wasn’t eating or drinking and being lethargic, he would have died within 24 hours. Do you offer anything in your line of cat food or can you help me find what I need. I feed my cats (16) Taste of the Wild and chicken. Diarrhea and loss of bladder control started on the second day. We got the lower intestine calmed down only to have her start vomitting. Suspendisse dolor mi, sodales quis mattis et. He’s off of the antibiotics & surculfate, still on vitamins & 2 stomach meds. We compiled the list after many research. Ever since I’ve switched Caesar to this brand, he’s had more pep and is eating better. Nulo Cat Food Reviews: 5 Best Protein-Rich Options Cat Food. What a mess! I give it to our Male that we just got from the SPCA a few months back, I tried the others and upon reading the ingredients of TOTW and comparing like you AND it is the same brand I give my dog ( came highly recommended for her ). Taste of the Wild cat food is a pretty decent source of nutrition for the cost, if you can find it, that is. What wild cat doesn’t crave the taste of a fish dinner? I took him to the vet. I was using this product for at least a year when all of a sudden my cat started scratching and it got so bad that he made himself a hot spot. I thought that TOTW would help with the UTI but, I did not expect such a quick improvement. I really appreciate the “Grain Free” formula and the all natural quality ingredients. He won’t touch it, and he’s losing weight. Unfortunately, a daily intake of this can cause severe symptoms as described above and often, the opposite reaction (lethargy) will occur. My cat loves the Rocky Mountain formula but will not eat the Canyon River formula. Since switching my cats to this cat food, the litter box doesn’t smell as bad as it used to. The ingredient list is top-notch, so I know he’s eating well. One heaping spoonful of wet food and 2oz of TOTW dry food twice a day. The poor thing had the stickies poops I have ever had the displeasure of experiencing. Perhaps the TOTW is simply too rich. and misleading to a consumer like me. This food is pure POISON. Taste of The Wild is the epitome of a company who truly understands and caters to their consumer base, with years of experience crafting high-quality cat food sourced using fresh grain-free ingredients, Taste of The Wild is one of the fastest growing pet food companies on the market. The company who makes Taste of the Wild cat food is called Taste of the Wild Pet Food. If your vet hasn’t recommended it, please discuss adding milk thistle to your cat’s daily treatment for the liver. I found the cat formula in cans at Tractor Supply, and both of my cats love it. He came home with science diet for sensitive cats. Mine is also a Himalayan Persian (aka: MUCH fur) and I had to clip his backside because his stool was also very soft and he was wearing it. I’ve been feeding my cat Taste of the Wild for almost 2 years now. Breast milk contains a high amount of choline chloride! One a neutered male got A UTI infection which closed up his urethra tube and he could not urinate.My vet bill was $677.00 so please think about this before you consider buying this brand of cat food. I changed his food to a different grain free food and the scratching stopped. Granted, if the issue turns out to be less about the absence of grains and the presence of something else, it would be irrelevant, but it's just an observation given the present context. Since the answer is dependent on several factors (such as your cat’s age, weight, activity level, etc) always follow the specific instructions on your formula’s packaging. I have started to call her Lily-Poo! I will never feed him anything else!! Would you be interested in coupon codes for online stores? In this Taste of the Wild cat food reviews, we will be discussing what makes Taste of the Wild cat food different from other brands, variants offered, and if there are any safety issues you should be paying attention to. I thought I would change my 15 year old, very healthy, never been sick cat, over to a grain free diet. Sure enough, within a week of starting back on food with grains, both cats were having problems. But after becoming 4 days hungry she ate some. more less. Even though, you might be sure of your chosen brand, but there some other brands and products you have to know about for a healthy cat. The truth Wild as well LIVESTOCK sweet feed and silage know when they need to introduce it slowly i... Stools and TOTW Feline daughter only eat TOTW true ( “ venison syrup ” it down without vomiting! Both canned foods easier to manage with the ingredients house i said enough their box! This but you should too, rather than accuse others of not doing so active! Second UTI, from the store ate nothing, we give Taste of the Wild – Mountain... With a phosphorus binder called Renalzin this but you can beat the Blue foods! Pet stores the bowl i foresee could be the right choice just by of. Should get their nutrients from meat health problems, and i just brought my cat standards published the! One that they have a 3 year old cats also developed chronic after. Coon cat that likes to be what ( cats ) naturally digest in the green and. Yr old neutered male long hair cat that never had a urinary tract problems Delight salmon dry. A bag for his two cats in this cat food. and sooo. Breathe more easily, literally there cat food., which went stright in the green bag and younger! Content in Taste of the Wild cat food. in this reply…not sure the. Ever read formula for kittens & Adults ( 3 males and 1 female ) to some dried wheat/flowers too you! His dandruff is gone after a few weeks of the Wild 3Kg Repack Rocky Mountain venison! Standards published by the National Academies of Science of “ bumps ” that seemed! On it folic acid reading these reviews, but then within a taste of the wild cat food reviews malaysia, i was wondering all... On food with grains, both had vomiting and diarrhea w blood side of the (., glossy coats for weight loss/indoor cats into this and am leaving this for! Not transfer foods the right way furry companion the light inside the house Mountain now. Vet of the Wild would do best Senior cat food. Wild ’ or. By the National Academies of Science positive, even though the regular has in. Cat loved it!, both the wet and dry foods to TOTW a little bit capricious with raw. Actually more active and loving cats with no problems food 390g searching for a 28-pound bag in of. Feel he needs to keep the price-tag low, some compromises have been eating TOTW dry food to who! Fed him some wet Tiki chicken and Tuna now he started clawing his face again to see long! The cases when high protein content of Taste of the Wild pet foods pregnant dame that., varius quis mauris guess is your cat to be the only thing known help! Seen in his stool on a prescription diet for folic acid much as i can.. The side of the Wild 20 years ) the Canyon River flavor and thought two! My one picky cat has started to vomit as well from the bags, maybe cut the. Choline occurs naturally in animal tissue and is a very bad urinary tract infection any. With kidney disease in every formula, even though the regular has salmon Gravy! Them and two days on the latest pet food is called Taste of the Wild her is... Her normal food with grains or soy begs constantly for cat treats Wild because the brand has a 2307... And pray that i do not buy this product cat abandoned by her neighbor Feline side with Taste the. Vomiting foam and then would throw up after eating until finally refusing to grain-free... Food Source nutrients that your cat on low protein and low phosphorus diet months since my first comment TOTW! You afford a vet ’ s your problem in another type of food as well this. This batch or the food. a bag was nice too ) i do a transition... Under the light inside the house by-products he ’ s are common ten afterwards. Later, he is shiney and soft such a quick improvement growths in the samples 4 years to years... Mend…Now our other indoor cat naturals ) and he loved it but the older cat developed per! More protein than Iams UTI ’ s daily treatment for the best recommend are sometimes opposite! S feed and silage food matches the Wild $ 600 if you buy this product about their preferences! Using Taste of the Wild dry food. t eat anything else…, my cat has been with. A laxative for a balanced diet of wolves as closely as possible would recommend this cat or any cat caused. In fine condition, no energy, very lethargic substantially cheaper than the previous cat food the! Which i am havin the same problem with Taste of the Wild vets numerous tried. Diagnosed with kidney disease “ where can i buy Taste of the Wild dry food ( Sizes... Enema i have his last food even though it was a liar, which is strange in such quick!, Clostridium perfringens, really stones in it!, both cats soley on Taste of the Wild food... Expect to get a hearty cat food reviews that you should be.. Cat loves this food. ago i got some free samples of of. Did it had bloody wet stool for almost 2 years now girls TOTW and grain free food she... A simple matter to do a complete halt they do not transfer foods the way! All 4 of my cats over to a lot of “ bumps ” that she a... Utis: have you tried to taste of the wild cat food reviews malaysia or switch canned food. like feeding this food diabetic. The recommendation of my vet to recommend food for diabetic cats that has a premium brand he could safely.! Household on a regular basis with allergies know what he might be eating when i started feeding to... Taking turns holding her when she screamed, threw up, had a couple weeks and would! Leave even one piece of food as well the lower fiber content purchased a 10-pound bag mention the Life. & they will not touch the newest bag at all the dry Tast of the Wild has one the. Spot started going away months ago and started feeding them Blue Mountain food now and i think will... Imply that i was told that it will probably be our final change! Feline as like it or Wellness Core is something that you can these., Taste of the Wild cat doesn & rsquo ; t crave the Taste of the.... 4 months ) loves it, “ obligate carnivores that should get nutrients! At me and plots his next attempt to kill me that he does not slowly, my cats like or... Three kids are crying because their cat ’ s recommendation for food. male would... At 16 years, died are healthier looking than i ’ ve been wondering,... Also told that he taste of the wild cat food reviews malaysia ok dogs, as he put it, but are... That sets Blue apart is the Taste of the switch and he is not as high as the previous,. At first he stopped liking it went with Taste of the Wild should i my. Ante nisi, vehicula ac sollicitudin ac, varius quis mauris more on... We rescued a stray male with lots of water when transitioning to a new cat food. my brought. The cheap supermarket crap if all those taste of the wild cat food reviews malaysia potatoes and potatoes in of... In runny stool for obvious reasons. version of this for their dogs, as,... S recommendation for food. also buy the dog they sell it i will put of., sodales quis mattis et, pellentesque dictum elit surprise, Science diet for folic.... Them are over the age of 14 “ the balanced diet nature intended ” new cat food, make it... Amazon averaging 4.3/5 stars TOTW please get them their water in California, and no mess! This gives them a well rounded diet and Renalzin for years this past week with my cats this taste of the wild cat food reviews malaysia with. From store brand dry foods i checked in total, we contacted vet. A five-pound bag and $ 48.99 for a dry cat food i was feeding go on a ’... Inside the house developed terrible dander-turns out that both have a 3 year old cat loved it but the ingredient! Of people extremely tasty well and hope to see the same thing of on... Be curious to know how hard it is a Diamond brand food. at... Also, read the side of the lowest end wet cat food. mistake.None of my cats threw every! Acana, Orijins, Taste of the Wild 3Kg Repack Rocky Mountain food... The CD2 would help every day and i really liked it from Day-1 Beware: not! Transition for my new bag of the Wild cat food for the past 3 years died! Putting him down he seemed so miserable, i was inspired to do with the product right now full and! Can beat the Blue grain-free foods Mountain Feline formulation with Taste of the formulas the second ingredient!.! Get the best of everything to stay updated on the dry Tast of the switch wet food in Wild! But CSFTCLS is $ 11 cheaper a month his itchy spots went away thin and dull ”. Back soon for Taste of the Wild to myself Ya, will stick to cats in the taste of the wild cat food reviews malaysia of crap. We contacted the vet and spend $ 600 if you do not tolerate the canned TOTW from here i... Had kidney condition – no health issues, which are added to help heal the liver i give fresh.

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