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Some fruits in season in July to August: santol, avocado and atis (custard apple). Coconut, Don't forget the fried rice with that spam. The santol fruit has many names according to their respective regions. Had them in Phillippines and they are delish! Do you have any fruit that sounds like that? The fruit hangs in clusters, peapod-like legumes typically six … Fruit from Maui Mall farmers market Olinda, Maui, Hawai'i. I am going to the Fruit and Spice Park tomorrow and I will check if they have any trees left as I know they had some fruiting trees before. That is different from this santol, and we don't have that. There was little pulp, comparatively, and the only way you could get it off was to pop the seed with pulp into your mouth and scrape the pulp off with your teeth, but they were tasty and a fun snack. Santol Tree in a 3 Gallon Container. Sandoricum koetjape (Santol). From what i have been told Santol is a favorite of the Filipino culture as it is native to the Philippines. Known scientifically as Sandoricum koetjape, the plant goes by several other common names including Kechapi, Lolly Fruit, Santol, Sentol, Wild Mangosteen, Red santol, cotton fruit, sandal, sentul, Sayai and Visayan.The plant is native to Indochina and Peninsular … But whether grown in Dade County or Orange County, all of these fruits show up at Orlando-area … We dont have it but it is also in Sapindaceae Family related to lychee and longan which we are more accustomed with. This Fruit is widely found in tropical countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, and Central America. The fruit ripens in Malaya in June and July; in Florida, August and September; in the Philippines, from July to October. Another fun and educational post. Save some for me when I go home. The first is Hoya siariae and 2nd is Hoya obscura , all endemic to the Ph... Admiration for butterflies has long been my hobby. 68 confirmed killed. Re: Santol False Mangosteen Flowering sighted in Boca Raton. Hi Gaia, so you were once from Panama! Those big ants share some of the pulp, while that wound was done by birds while still on the tree. Here is the necked santol that is sweet and great quality. Sweet is much prefered. Ingredients 1) Use 3 over ripe santol fruits 2) Sugar 1 cup 3) Salt 2 tablespoons 4) Boiled water 2 cups 5) Water ½ cup. I am sorry, but backlinks give me some problems, so i might not publish them.Thank you very much for understanding. It is native to Southeast Asia where it is called gratawn (กระท้อน) in Thai, kompem reach in Khmer, tong in Lao and donka in Sinhalese.. That is always exciting to see things blooming for the first time. In Florida the fruit ripens in August and September. The pulp is sweet to sub-acid and surrounds several large seeds. Two days ago we had hurrican force winds. Santol grows wild in the tropical regions of India, but is not harvested commercially. People & Blogs. The inner pulp is white and fluffy like a cloud and typically consumed raw. It is reported that Fairchild Botanical garden has a Bangkok santol tree, and there are other trees in Florida. Santol is a summer fruit and comes into season during the balmiest months of June through August. Santol or Cotton Fruit is a climacteric which means they will continue to ripen once plucked from the tree. The top canopy of our fruiting Bangkok santol tree (taken last year). The divided fruit segments can be consumed raw or as in India, eaten with spices. (I never saw them growing - they were just for sale on the street corners - so I can't even tell you if they grew on a shrub or tree or ???). Santol fruit comes in two sweet ,one sour. There are two forms of the Santol the red and the yellow, both have large round textured yellow fruit with a very thick velvety skin. Gratorn fruit, Santol Varieties There are two general types of santol: the Yellow (formerly S. indicum or S. nervosum); and the Red (formerly S. koetjape). If eaten fresh, the mucilage around the seed is the most preferred part. Sometimes called the "Lolly Fruit" because you have to suck it to get the flavor. Find out which Florida crops are in season now. Once inside there are 4 -6 stones (hard seeds) that are covered by a soft white flesh. If pineapples are false bananas and lychees are false mangoes then yes indeed santols are really false mangosteens. Santol False Mangosteen Flowering sighted in Boca Raton. I always worry about trees too close to the house...especially after a strong wind storm. Thanks Oscar for the cold one, now everyone is requesting cutting of this cold orphan red sweet strain " old fart number one " (Oscar's red leaves seedling strain). Santol is fast-growing and can reach heights up to 50-150 ft tall. Hope your week is going well. The fruit are typically eaten fresh, but they are also used to make jellies and preserves throughout India and Malaysia. The harder flesh outside of the inner flesh is quite bitter. The tissue is less and tastes sour. The fruit needs to be peeled. The fruit falls when it gets ripe. Santol is a summer fruit and comes into season during the balmiest months of … Harvest by hand picking, or use a stick to twist the fruits off. The fruit are difficult to peel. Donga (Santol or Cotton fruit) A tropical fruit introduced to Sri Lanka and and the fruits are seasonally abundant in the local markets. The exotic mangosteen-esque fruit is delicious with a sweet and acidic flavor. I can visualize what you described, and somehow that is really how we get the taste from santol, however the fruit you are describing with green rind that easily splits open with a round seed doesn't get into my mind. Santol also referred to as Kechapi, Lolly Fruit, is an ornamental evergreen tree belonging to Mahogany family Meliaceae. But i am requesting that no other personal links should be put on your comments. Florida is famous for its citrus, and rightly so, but plenty of other fruits and vegetables grow in the Sunshine State. Season The fruit ripens in Malaya in June and July; in Florida, August and September; in the Philippines, from July to October. Season. Recipes Sweety Santol. Energies are not destroyed, they are just transformed, so healthy energies be with us all, just like the breath of life! Pests No membership needed. The santol season is on here right now. Last month that right branch broke at the base because it was not able to keep the weight of too much fruits. Santol, Kechapi, Lolly Fruit Origin: South East Asia. That name was whipped outa thin air. I am very well, coughing left already, thanks. Jean Potuchek's Blogsite for November 2012, Photos and articles by Kalantikan or AB Agillon of Pure Oxygen Generators. ", Login with username, password and session length, The Biggest Fart in the Old West! Download Santol fruit stock photos. Santol is an exotic fruit and it is found in South East Asia. Kreesh:). Image of ripe, hang, ingredient - 167600221 Santol Fruit Health Benefits – Santol fruit is native to indochina and Malaya peninsula. Here is the orphan I have been sniping its red leaves off, what confuse me is this, during cold winter month when it get down to 40-60 degrees, the old leaves turn red. All Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services offices are currently closed to the public until further notice. This tropical fruit is grown in southeast Asia. It is also said to be slow to mature and fruit-up to ten years is the wait more or less. The French refer to it as faux mangoustanier, while in English it’s been called wild mangosteen, COTTONFRUIT or sandor. Strange that this seem easy to neglected tree is not popular with fruit grower in Florida. The seller is a retired highly classified & decorated black op tie to the days of Subic Bay, an anonymous donor of Fairchild Tropical Garden; brothers in arms who have served in harms way, many conflicts of not question each other integrity. Image of tasty, sandoricum, wood - 181261326 these are fallen fruits, so had lots of bruises. Because we are far from Metro Manila, we don't sell these fruits. The fruit has a thicker peel. Santol fruit is round and yellow with a white and juicy sweet sour sub-acid tissue. 14,15,16. So our fruits don't reach the consumers. It all begun in 2010, I order some Sweet Santol seeds from Oscar who convinced me you can fruit them here in S. Florida; after I read the failures of many & was never able to locate any phantom lollipop trees I have heard exist-fruiting outside, not in someone greenhouse here in Florida. Santol Fruit … Omar I don't recall Chris Rollin mentioning a fruiting Santol tree down in Miami Park? Santol (fruit), a tropical fruit Santol, La Union, a municipality in the Philippines; Santol, a barangay of Quezon City in the Philippines; an alternative name for Orobol, an isoflavone; Santol, a former canine ambassador at the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac in Québec City Like most other tropical fruit, santol contains vitamins and minerals that are useful for our body. This hobby will not be com... Hoya alwitriana is one of the newly documented hoyas endemic in the Philippines with the complete name and authors as Hoya alwitriana K... Hoya obscura is one of the about 200 species of hoyas endemic or native to the Philippines. Yellow and round fruit has thick skin and tasty segments inside. The santol is reproduced by seeds, air-layering, inarching, or by budding onto self rootstocks. First, many of the seasons are the opposite of what they are in more northern states since the summers get too hot for many crops. Your visits and comments are the life of this site. Looks beautiful and I'd love to try the fruit. Santol may refer to: . Olinda, Maui, Hawai'i. The santol is reproduced by seeds, air-layering, inarching, or by budding onto self rootstocks. masarap magbakasyon sa inyo, dami prutas. Photo about Santol fruit on the tree in the garden tropical fruit. The santol is native to the Malesian floristic region, but have been introduced to Indochina, Sri Lanka, India, northern Australia, Mauritius, and Seychelles. But hey beggar cant be choosy I grab what I can get. How much of the Philippines have you visited? It also gave a loud sound which scared all of us. Plants from seeds bears fruits in three-four years. It actually is far from the house, maybe 30 meters. What ants in my pants again? I certainly appreciate them and I will make sure to return the favor. We dont really plant trees too close because our typhoons are very strong too. Santol is a fast growing evergreen tree with a height of between 45-135 ft (15-45 m) and elongated leaves with a length of 6.5-11.5" (15-30 cm). That is coupled with taking their photos whenever time allows. Nobody also buys from us to be brought to the markets, so they are just left on the tree or left to rot. Thanks for sharing. Congrats Coconut! He swear on his mother grave if she still living that they are the sweet kind he got from Thailand. The leaflets of the red type santol fruits are 12 - 30 cm long, with velvet like skin, turning red when old. The fruit is quite hardy, as it thrives in arid and humid conditions as long as the elevation does not exceed 1,000 meters. The Santol fruit is about the size of a small grapefruit, but looks like a round pear. Quote from: Coconut on March 11, 2014, 10:44:10 PM, Quote from: Tropicaliste on March 12, 2014, 12:22:16 AM, Quote from: Coconut on March 12, 2014, 01:11:55 AM, Quote from: Tropicaliste on March 15, 2014, 09:37:11 AM, Quote from: Coconut on March 16, 2014, 01:31:33 AM, Quote from: Tropicaliste on March 16, 2014, 09:53:33 AM, Quote from: fruitlovers on March 16, 2014, 02:51:42 AM, Quote from: EvilFruit on March 17, 2014, 06:24:35 AM. Submerge the fruit sections for three days, ensuring to change the water at the start of every day. Well it is certainly no picnic for me last four years!! Uses: Fruits are usually eaten raw. Hi Hester, literatures say there is one tree, it could be very old and big now, at the Fairchild Botanical Gardens. A Santol fruit from the Philippines, halved The Santol fruit from The Philippines. Crazy!! The Internet's Finest Tropical Fruit Discussion Forum! Some Bangkok santol fruits are exported to the US, so they call it 'Manila' santol. You may notice three things about the list below. santol on wooden plank, Thai fruit; closeup santol in Thailand fruit market; Santol fruit isolated on white a background. If there is I can definitely grab some scion for you. The 'santol' is a tropical fruit that most likely traces back to a southeast Asian origin. Harvesting Tropicaliste. The flowers are greenish or red or ivory borne with 12 - 30 cm long panicles. Is that leaf a red Santol leaf or from a different plant, and if so, is this a unique sweet red leaf variety.. What sour???!!!!??? If in the Indonesia called the harp, Sentul or wild mangosteen. Category. A plant with white small flowers, scattered in our fallowed areas or in little thickets under coconut trees are these shrubs we locally call... Hoya madulidii is the 3rd hoya discussed here at In Focus. Santol seeds are inedible. Oh they can't wait till November, we don't do any processing. Yes, they also do that here, maybe people like you who missed their beginnings will try it, but yes too it might pacify the cravings but will not really give you the excitement of eating the fresh santol with the skin. When I was At Fairchild garden all I found was Brazilian spinach but could not locate their Santol Tree. Pests The tamarind is a graceful stately tree commonly found in the South Florida landscape and growing wild along Central American roadsides. Santol fruit - download this royalty free Stock Photo in seconds. The pulp is rich in pectin that bruising exposes it to fast browning. Santol Recipe Ideas and Uses: Santol makes a delicious preserve – peeled, quartered, and cooked in syrup. Find out at Lakbayan! Fig. This plant grows in warm humid areas - most parts of the tropics and subtropics. It hit the electric wires that gave us a few hours of blackout. Affordable and search from millions of royalty free images, photos and vectors. Print this month's shopping list of fresh Florida fruits and vegetables and look for them in your grocery store. The auto focus on the camera is playing up. Hahaha, do you remember that! The fruit can also be used to make jams and preserves. I don't think santol roots from cuttings and they are usually just grown from seeds. Why dont you go order from the Sage himself at & grow your own cold strain; my telephone pole sweet santol barely have enough twigs for cutting. Fruit from Maui Mall farmers market. If only it can be preserved, it's not yet studied in postharvest because low commercial value, hehe! Tropical Fruit Forum - International Tropical Fruit Growers. Really special. 17. Photo about Santol fruit the famous fruit of Thailand and seasonal fruit.. I've still failed miserably in my attempts to get macapuno coconuts. I don't mean to be ants at the picnic but I thought the ones whose leaves turned red when old were sour and the ones whose leaves turned yellow when old were sweet. Wow those are delicious looking, I cant wait to taste home ripe Santol! Then they are soaked in brine solution with maybe a bit of sugar added or the 5-spice powder they also use to make the pickled mangos in Chinatown. "All discussion content within the forum reflects the views of individual participants only and do not necessarily represent the views held by the Tropical Fruit Forum as an organization. That is a large tree. I got to get my ass down there one of these day & donate some rare cold strains to them, what is in the shade house is sad. There are many different ways to eat this fruit. The fruit is about the size of a baseball and it has a thin rind. Santol Fruit or (Sandoricum koetjape) and also known as Lolly fruit, Sayai, Visayan, and Wild Mangosteen is a fruit from indochina including the Philippines. Santol is a common fruit in the markets throughout Indonesia and the Philippines. Its colors are yellow-green or pink, and the fruit is spherical with a very dense velvety skin. Native santol is diploid (2n=22), while 'Bangkok' is tetraploid (2n=44), this explains the bigger fruit size. Philippines tropical plants, flowers, vegetables and trees giving us pure, clean air for our breath of life, One of the things that fascinates me about tropical trees are that they will get rid of a branch when needed. Preparation method It is already outside the garden, near the goathouse! Some pickled santol are whole fruits with just the outermost peel taken off and then the orange flesh is scored with a knife to expose some of the seeds and white meat inside. The flesh is usually sucked off the seeds as the pulp clings firmly to them.Take care not to swallow the slippery seeds. 4 talking about this. Skip to Main Content. In Sri Lanka Santol has a small presence in the villages though the fruit doesn’t share the same popularity as it does in Thailand and Cambodia. The thrill is also in pricking it with your thumbnail and cracking it open with the help of your knees! Researchers and scientists tend to point to origins in the former Indochina and in the Malay Peninsula. Some fruit trees are very tropical and thrive only in South Florida, while others can handle a bit of frost and will grow up into Central or even North Florida. Learning about this fruit made me remember a fruit from my adolescence in Panama that we called a ginnup: a small (1" - 1 1/2" diameter) round fruit with a thick green rind that you could split easily to reveal a huge round seed covered with a thin, sweet-sour pulp. Cut the fruit in half and spoon out the pulp. they have santol in brine and i've tried it, but the taste is all gone. One enterprising man in our area who for sometime harvest our fruits for the market already died. Santol is the name of the fruit of a tree that has the scientific name Sandoricum koetjape. Place peeled santol fruits in cold water, and then cut the fruit into quarters and remove the seeds. Fig. It is commonly cultivated throughout these regions and the fruits are seasonally abundant in the local and international markets. Can't find it here. I searched ginnup and maybe you mean Ackee, Melicoccus bijugatus. I just bought a batch of new seeds from Oscar fruitlovers  again in January 2014.

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